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At a young age, we learn to run and ride a bike. But without proper coaching and training, our bodies only achieve so much.
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Our training philosophy and vision remain the same for all of our athletes, whether their personal goals are to finish on the podium, lose weight and get in shape, or medal at the Olympics. These goals are our absolute priority.

Athlete Testimonials

  • Rob +

    “Last night was a great workout to place the weekend in the past. Brian WE works in many ways.” -Rob
  • Steve +

    “Brian Walton and his team of coaches were the best thing that ever happened to the All-Marine Sports program. For many years Brian was the nucleus of the Marine triathlon program and helped lead us to the best string of seasons the team has had since its inception. His knowledge, leadership, professionalism and ability to create individualized training programs allowed each athlete to reach levels once thought impossible. In an Olympic distance triathlon, breaking two hours is the benchmark many strive a lifetime to achieve but never accomplish. Under Brian's coaching architecture, at the National Championships, we had eight out of twelve men break this mark in one race...impressive! Brian's philosophy is simple, direct, effective and has personally helped me win numerous races under his tutelage.”-Steve
  • Pat +

    “On a side note, I must say how impressed I am with your training program and how much attention and thought I am receiving. I should have started this a long time ago. Again, I cannot thank you enough for your time, patience and dedication. Thanks” -Pat
  • Ashley +

    “I looked back over training logs and verified that I have never run a sub-8 mile...if I did it, was in high school, but certainly not since I started running as an adult. I know I shouldn't be too hard on myself, in 2009, I ran a 2:47 half-marathon, so this year running 1:57 was a huge accomplishment and my 5k time that year was 32 minutes, this year was 25:43. Running is something I know I need to work on more, however. Overall, this was the most beneficial training session I could have had, I learned so much, feel great today and can't wait to get back at it!!" -Ashley
  • Barb +

    “Thanks Brian-- your comments are much guys have been great and true motivators-- I can't tell you how much that has meant and means.” -Barb
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